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WA-2192 - 2-Way FME Cell Combiner Kit

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WA-2192 - 2-Way FME Cell Combiner Kit

Out of Stock
This item is out of stock and is not available for purchase at this time.

Our Price: $135.95

Product Information
Part Number:WA-2192
Description: The WA-2192 FME combiner allows the connection of two devices to one external antenna or amplifier. The kit includes (2) N/Male to FME/Female 10' RG-58 cables, (1) N/Male to FME/Male adapter and (1) 2-way splitter/combiner.

This simple kit will allow you to connect a second phone or cellular device like a data modem or aircard to an existing inline amplifier or external antenna system. Please note that by adding an additional device, the enhancement provided by original solution will be reduced as the signal will now be split between two devices. (Each device will receive 1/2 of the signal - approximately 3.5dB of loss.)

Because of the loss resulting from splitting the signal, we highly recommend using in conjunction with an inline amplifier.

Package Contents:

(1) 2-way splitter/combiner.
(2) N/Male to FME/Female 10' RG-58 cables
(1) N/Male to FME/Male adapter
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