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Usb Data Cable For Motorola V60/ V66/ V120/ T720/ T722/ V300/ V400/ V500/ V505/ V525/ V551/ V600/ V620/ E1/ V262/ V265/ E815/ A630/ A840

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Usb Data Cable For Motorola V60/ V66/ V120/ T720/ T722/ V300/ V400/ V500/ V505/ V525/ V551/ V600/ V620/ E1/ V262/ V265/ E815/ A630/ A840

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Our Price: $5.99

Product Information
Part Number:DCV300
  • Brand new non-OEM
  • Driver Disc included
  • This USB data cable enables you to connect your cellular phone to your computer for: Wireless internet access, Sending and receiving email, FTP (Uploading and downloading files), Downloading Music / Pictures / Ring tones, Editing your phone book / SMS, Synchronizing calendar entries from the USB Port of the computer
  • Model Compatibility
    This product is compatible with following models:

    Motorola A630
    Motorola A830
    Motorola A835
    Motorola A840
    Motorola A845
    Motorola A860
    Motorola A920
    Motorola A1000
    Motorola C305
    Motorola C341c
    Motorola C343
    Motorola C343cr
    Motorola c390
    Motorola c698p
    Motorola C975
    Motorola C980
    Motorola E310
    Motorola E398
    Motorola E550
    Motorola E815
    Motorola E815m
    Motorola E1000
    Motorola E1070
    Motorola M800
    Motorola M900
    Motorola ROKR E1
    Motorola T720
    Motorola T300p
    Motorola V60
    Motorola V60ci
    Motorola V60i
    Motorola V60T
    Motorola V60t colour
    Motorola V66
    Motorola V70
    Motorola V80
    Motorola V120
    Motorola V120c
    Motorola V.120x
    Motorola V260
    Motorola V262
    Motorola V265
    Motorola V266
    Motorola V270
    Motorola V300
    Motorola V330
    Motorola V400
    Motorola V500
    Motorola V501
    Motorola V551
    Motorola V525
    Motorola V535
    Motorola V540
    Motorola V557
    Motorola V600
    Motorola V620
    Motorola V635
    Motorola V810
    Motorola MPX220
    Nextel I95
    Nextel I95cl
    Nextel I90
    Nextel I90c
    Nextel I88
    Nextel I88s
    Nextel I85
    Nextel I85s
    Nextel I80
    Nextel I80s
    Nextel I60
    Nextel I60c
    Nextel I58
    Nextel I58sr
    Nextel I55
    Nextel I55sr
    Nextel I50
    Nextel I50sx
    Nextel I35
    Nextel I35s
    Nextel I30
    Nextel I30sx
    Nextel I99
    Nextel I99ci-Bobby Jones
    Nextel I95cl-Limited Edition
    Nextel I90c-Limited Edition
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