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Ca-42 Usb Data Cable For Nokia 2115i/ 5140/ 6101/ 6102/ 6103/ 6225/ 7210

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Ca-42 Usb Data Cable For Nokia 2115i/ 5140/ 6101/ 6102/ 6103/ 6225/ 7210

Out of Stock
This item is out of stock and is not available for purchase at this time.

Our Price: $13.95

Product Information
Part Number:DCCA42
  • Brand new non-OEM
  • Driver Disc included
  • For phone models equipped with modem functionality, the CA-42 cable connects to a PC for portable network connectivity.
  • Use this cable to connect your phone to your PC to transfer files such as calendar, phone book, notes, to-do list, etc.
  • Connect your cell phone with your PC or Lab top by USB port.
  • Phone book / music / short message editing.
  • Edit / backup phone contacts.
  • Copy images to / from your phone.
  • Copy data / back-up data from your phone to PC or another Nokia phone.
  • Edit ringing tones for your phone.
  • Model Compatibility
    This product is compatible with following models:

    Nokia 2115i
    Nokia 2125i
    Nokia 2126i
    Nokia 2128i
    Nokia 2270
    Nokia 2285
    Nokia 3100
    Nokia 3120
    Nokia 3200
    Nokia 3205
    Nokia 3220
    Nokia 3585i
    Nokia 3586i
    Nokia 3587i
    Nokia 3588i
    Nokia 3589i
    Nokia 5070
    Nokia 5100
    Nokia 5140
    Nokia 5140i
    Nokia 6015i
    Nokia 6016i
    Nokia 6019i
    Nokia 6020
    Nokia 6021
    Nokia 6070
    Nokia 6080
    Nokia 6100
    Nokia 6101
    Nokia 6102
    Nokia 6102i
    Nokia 6103
    Nokia 6108
    Nokia 6200
    Nokia 6220
    Nokia 6225
    Nokia 6560
    Nokia 6585
    Nokia 6610
    Nokia 6610i
    Nokia 6800
    Nokia 6810
    Nokia 6820
    Nokia 6822
    Nokia 7200
    Nokia 7210
    Nokia 7250
    Nokia 7250i
    Nokia 7260
    Nokia 7360
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