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CSI-DC - Dual-Band Directional Coupler (Tap)

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CSI-DC - Dual-Band Directional Coupler (Tap)

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Product Information
Part Number:CSI-DC
Description: For use in signal distribution systems to split the amplified signal to up to 20 inside antennas with minimal signal loss. Features low-loss signal throughput with one -6d or -10dB tap (depending upon model chosen.)

Our standard units are offered with N/Female connectors and are capable of handling 100W of power. These units are ideal for in-building applications that require the combining or dividing of RF to accommodate multiple antenna locations.

Connecting splitter to amplifier: Typically the directional coupler is connected to the amplifier using the 2' 9913 coax extension but any length of N/Male terminated LMR-400 cable may be used.
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